May 14, 2019

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This is your opportunity to interact, ask questions and receive valuable information from experts with over 60 years of combined knowledge & experience in their respective fields.


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What Brenham Native, David Brewton Had to Say About His Stem Cell Therapy Experience:

“For years I was experiencing chronic shoulder pain and weakness. As a farmer it is imperative I have full use of my shoulder and arm and I was at the point where I was unable to use my arm. I thought surgery was my only option. Then I heard about Stem Cell Therapy and I’m so glad I said yes. I didn’t need to have shoulder surgery and my shoulder has been completely regenerated. I am able to do push-ups again and I can even bench press 250 lbs.” 

-David Brewton (Brenham Patient)

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What To Expect

Hear from Jenny Hrbacek, RN, renowned specialist and author of ****FILL IN BOOK TITLE HERE*****


What is Stem Cell Therapy? How does it work? How many treatments are required? Possible side effects?... Let's get your questions answered!


As a specialist and a patient, Jenny and her partner will speak to their experience, as well as the amazing transformations of their patients.


Where to go for more information & how to get started.

Plus, Free Snacks & Refreshments!

Grab a plate and enjoy cheese, crackers, meats, fruits, veggies, cookies, cakes & a variety of beverages on the house!

Engage. Ask Questions. LEARN.

Expert Speakers

John T. DeSimio, LPT

Physical Therapist

John is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Master Personal Trainer and Owner & Operator of Trade Winds Physical Therapy. With nearly 40 years of knowledge and expertise in his field, John brings compassion and commitment to each patient and their families.

“I am here to provide people with the resources and knowledge they need to live a more mobile life free of pain pills and dependency. My goal is to quickly and affordably return my patients to doing what they love most”

Jenny Hrbacek, RN

Registered Nurse, Author & Stem Cell Therapy Specialist

Jenny Hrbacek (Her-ba-Check) is a registered nurse. She has been involved with integrative care since 2010. Her book, Cancer Free! Are You Sure? was released November 2nd 2018 and reached “#1 New release & Best Seller” status on Amazon. She is a featured contributor to the TV health show “ Know the Cause” hosted by Doug Kaufman and has been featured in multiple international online health summits. Her involvement in over 40,000 stem cell therapies has given her a wealth of information in the often confusing world of regenerative therapy. Jenny is a firm believer in the bodies ability to heal and has helped thousands of people around the world.

Free Hydromassages!

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Don't miss this unique experience!

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